Algoma Mirage

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I have always said turn around you might be missing something.
Well this time my wife Anne got me to turn around.
My friend Mike and I just came out from a 5 day base camp up in Agawa Canyon enduring some of the most in-climate weather I have encountered on my fall trip since 85.
We did not take the canoe due to flood levels and weather.
We had just finished showering and grabbing a beverage to sit by the fire when the most amazing sunset I have seen there started to unfold. we grabbed our cameras and headed for the beach.
So while I was madly switching lenses and settings my wife told be to turn around and look at something different.

This is the "Normal" view of the water between the Agawa Islands and the mainland.
All images where shot from the same point different days. 2nd one is zoomed in a bit.

Now for the Mirage.

Using google earth and the path feature and drawing a straight line from where I took the images from and it could have been Rowe Island (18 k away or Leach Island even further.

No wonder the First Nations found this area so mystical.