Are Ontario Prov. park fees set to increase

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I read this today and it really got me concerned.
As campers wether P.P. fixed sites or back country camping this will affect how much you pay.
The big thing is we do not want fees going to general revenues and not maintaining the facilities we use. Back country users will know not a lot gets done away from the crowds.
Paying 30 to 50 $ for a tent site a night and maybe soon to be more is going to "discourage" some people.
Now is the time to act and make our concerns known.
We may not be able to stop too many increases but we could make sure they are not too much and the fees stay in the parks.
I have learned that to be successful you will need to act early.
Share this post and pass it on, it is the only way to ensure we can enjoy our wilderness areas at a reasonable price/cost.

The time to write is now!

This quote just to inspire you to get involved.

Quote "Paying more to camp at provincial parks;" unquote

Here is a link to the Toronto Star Article.