The Man who walks by moonlite.

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The Latest of Northern Hoot from Jeffrey Hinch
The Man who walks by Moonlight
A great read,
For those who may wonder why posting this here, This is the man that most likely was the Guide for the Group of Seven in Algoma. He took famous American author Stewart Edward White into this area before the ACR, and was also the Guide for the surveyor crews who put the tracks in.…/ghostrain-circa-1922-man-who…/

In an earlier edition - Ghost Train

I have been friends with the Grandson of Sidney Johnson since he gave me a lift from Hwy 17 up to Frater 10 years ago on one of my solo trips. He shared with me one of his Grandfathers drawins of the Canyon.
Jeffrey Hinch sent me a copy of the drawing in the story without the shadows,
With the people shadows I had mistakenly guessed the wrong spot but only by 200m, With out the shadows it was just another place that I had stood where Sidney painted, all very cool.


Fall trip train coming out of the sketch location.


the image attached is the other Sidney Johnston watercolor.