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October 21, 15.
This is an open THANK YOU! To all those who have been involved in the long fight we have had over the Navigable Waters Protection Act (NWPA) and it’s poor replacement cousin the Navigation Protection Act (NPA)
I thank you all for surviving the countless emails, posts and requests on paddling issues that I have inflicted on many of you.
I do not wish to re-hash the treatment that we and our waterways has gone through in the last nine years but we must move forward and be prepared.
This is not the light at the end of the tunnel but at least now we will be allowed to see the tunnel.
Even though we now have a “Paddling” Prime Minister and several other elected M.P.s who have supported our tireless efforts we cannot expect special treatment.
We will however be allowed to present our views and evidence in a fair and democratic way, which will bring rules and regulations that will benefit and protect all users of our waterways.
I ask you now to be vigilant and when the opportunity to respond to NEW changes to the NPA that we react positively for the protection and access to our waterways.
This way we should be able to see the light ant the end of the tunnel.
Again thank you for your efforts.
Jeff McColl
Conservation Chair
Wilderness Canoe Assoc.
And a life long paddler.