Roni Furst has made a formal agreement with the MNR to publish those brochures that most of us remember from the good old days.

They will appear in book format (rather than as is). This is a cost-recovery-only enterprise on her part, started 4 years ago. Perhaps you saw the copies that she placed at the book table at WCS 2010. The two volumes total about 4 inches thick.

At the moment, she is working only on brochures for Ontario north of the Mattawa-French. If you have old brochures that you would like to lend to her (yes, she will return them), please email her at stfursto@aol.com  . Again, she is working on northern Ontario at the moment so please ask before sending her brochures for the Mattawa, the French and the south.

You can make a real contribution to paddling in Ontario by sifting through those files and telling her what you have available, hey, maybe even please your partner.

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