Ottawa River - Jly 22 - Center Channel

The Ottawa River Center Channel is a great day of whitewater paddling with plenty of big wave action and tons of water. The level Owl Guage is at about -1.75

The Basics
Event Location: 
Ottawa River Center Channel
Date(s) & Time: 
Sunday, July 22, 2012 - 10:00
Event Duration: 
1 day
Difficulty Rating: 
Itinerary description: 

We are currently 2 boats, join us by signing up below. We will ferry play below Little Picky and McCoy's and anybody wanting to run McCoy's is welcome, we will setup below to rescue their canoe(s). The rest of the river has a few surfing waves to dump at and some big fun rock and roll, all with good recovery pools. On the Saturday (we cannot paddle on the Saturday) you could raft, or bike, or camp at River Run or Wilderness Tours and sit in their hot tub and enjoy bungee humping ?? OR you could enjoy relaxing at Black Bay near Petawawa (On the Petawawa River) at our waterfront palace complete with fine wine and dining, La Dolce Vita!

Required Items to Bring: 

Fully outfitted whitewater canoe, and helmet.

Recommended Items to Bring: 

Lunch, personal first aid

How to Get There
Event Directions: 

Meet at the public parking provided by OWL. It is on McCoy's Road
We meet at 10 a.m.

Event Coordinator/s Contact Information
Contact (Name): 
Jay & Frank Knaapen