Our Lower Madawaska Paddling Trips

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So far, there has been four wonderful day outing trips on the Lower Madawaska River located east of Quadeville in Renfrew County in central Ontario this year. I would hope that I will be able to continue to lead more of these trips in the upcoming years since there have been so enjoyable with lots of humour spraying around after each of these day outings. Some have capsized with entertainment including rare sincere jokes and stories that we never heard of. With our last one, we tried something different in order to save gas, "wear n' tear" and maybe time on our shuttle? Its so rare to see a regular vehicle with three boats on top with the highest loaded kayak at least eight feet above the ground as we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies. Well anyway, here`s a unique photo of three quarters of our group. I`m the minus one for taking this image. Posing are Erica Cresswell, Janet Kuzniar and Dave Tourchin. The missing one is myself (Andrew Craig). There is still one more posted day outing trip on the Lower Madawaska on Saturday, August 17th for this year.