Paddling license rears it's head again.

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Attention all paddlers
I'm sorry but this canoeing license is a piece of.........
This "canoeing License" idea has been created by the American Company that brought us the boater exam..
This is nothing but a money grab and will do little for canoe safety or bring any financial benefit to the paddle sport world in Canada.
They floated this through myccr a few years ago but not in an open way that you knew it was the American company doing the push.
Do not let this happen!
It is just another tax and will do nothing to teach real outdoor skills.
I am sadly disappointed how the author brought this out.

And this will not just affect bad mannered canoe paddlers in Algonquin.
This will reach all types of paddlers and is purely a money grab.
Paddler fisher people, SUP's, racers....sea kayakers... all of us!
Let them know that this is not a good idea.