Saugeen River - May 17-18-19, 2014 - what did you miss!

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Once I found out that in my next work schedule I was off on the weekend, I started planning for the trip on the Saugeen, a tradition we almost do yearly for the last 15 years or so
Excitingly I was when 7 people had signed up.
But unfortunately 4 people cancelled in the week before the trip. I had made my special snacks, beef jerky, dried apples, strawberries, raspberries and pineapple and a delicious chili and dehydrated it.
So after lots of communication, Jim and Eugene decided to join me, and all three we would go in solo canoe,
Even though the weather prediction was cold and raining Saturday and Sunday, we continued making plans (maybe the reason why so many cancelled?)

So what did you miss!
* An absolutely beautiful weekend, no rain at all during the day, a few splatters on Saturday night after we retired to the tent.
* Extremely high water levels, that made the current speedy even at the spots that are normally much slower.
* Even though we were slower due to being in solo boats, and I was extremely slow as my shoulder was still soar, we floated most of the river, nice and relaxed
* Saw some amazing flora and fauna, The bald Eagle was on her nest again, a red Cardinal, a blue Jay, Cormorant, Rose breasted Gros Beak, swimming raccoons, otters, muskrat and of course the red and white Trilliums.
And I also must have found poison Ivy, as I broke out in bad rash about 4 days later.
* It was a nice relaxing trip, there were not as many rafts this year, as the temperature was cooler.

But at Denny's Dam we had not looked forward to landing the canoe and climbing up the steep stairs.
But when we arrived at Denny's Dam there were docks for us to land on, more easy to unload and carry our gear up the stairs.

All in all it was an amazing trip, very relaxing and lots of fun as usual
Thank you Eugene and Jim joining me again on this trip.

Here is the link of the album