The Thunder box Challenge

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I thought this would be a cause many members here would get on to... 8)
errr into :D
I know many of us have encountered the problems of campsites/locations being abused.
I will be taking this beauty to the my first campsite on my Agawa Trip

It cost less than $35.oo to make and I am sure some of you would be able to scrape up some donations.

Maybe those members that are various "Friends of Parks" could entice park management for some free backwoods camping for this service.

This one is 16 x 16 x 16 and it could be built modular for easier transport.

We will need some notes to explain the rules of use in these unregulated areas.
I will put it on the inside of the lid on this one.
And simply state when hole is full dig a new one.

I think I will have some fun on the drive up too the Sault with this though.... :thumbup:
We all like a challenge and we want to keep our areas neat as we can for the next time.
(and no you don't have to put it on your head.... :o )

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