Topo Maps: The WCA connections you make are worth the price of admission.

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Topo Maps: The WCA connections you make are worth the price of admission.

Emmy Hendrickx, our membership secretary received an inquiry from Sandy Gage about some old topo maps. Sandy and a friend Jeremy Baumbach wanted to see if there is still life in them for another member to use. Emmy passed the email onto me and I met with Sandy for a coffee and conversation on our many canoe trips. Sandy and Jeremy passed on to me several topo maps to donate to any member of the WCA who is thinking of their next adventure down these rivers.

Some of the maps have trip information marked on them. Sandy Gage and Jeremy Baumbach might be able to add further information if asked too.

I have the following topo maps to donate if you have an adventure planned.
Spanish River
41 P/5 Westree, Sudbury, Ontario 1:50
41 P/4 Low Water lake, 1:50
41 I/13 Pogamasing, 1:50
41 I/12 Cartier, 1:50
41 I/15 Espanola, 1:50

41 H/15 Key Harbour, 1:50
41 I/2 Delamere, 1:50

Moose River
42 P/2 Bushy Island, 1:50
42 I/14 Moose River, 1:50

Missinaibi River & Mattagami River
42 I/12 Pickett Creek, 1:50
42 J/8 Wawa lakes, 1:50

Abitibi River & Mattagami River
42 I/5 Ranoke, 1:50
42 H/13 Fraserdale, 1:50

Mattagami River
42 J/1 Smoky Falls, 1:50
42 G/16 Bennet Lake, 1:50
42 H/12 Abimatinu River, 1:50 (Ground Hog River)
42 H/5 Smooth Rock Falls (Ground Hog River)

Canada Department of Mines and Technical Surveys
Sheet 31 E/N.E. Algonquin, Ontario, 1:126,720

Department of Lands and Forests
Map showing Exploration Routes through the Huron and Ottawa Territory between years 1615-1854

Algonquin Park
31 E/16E Lake Lavieille, 1:50 (Petawawa River)

105-O Niddery Lake (Yukon Territory & NWT) Hess River, 1:250

Thank you Sandy and Jeremy for donating the maps to future adventures in the WCA.

May be other members can post a list of maps they have to pass on to the WCA website.

I can bring them to the WCA wine and cheese event or hand them off somewhere else.

I, Gary James, have had the Abitibi, Mattagami and Ground Hog River on my “To Do List” for a while. If anyone is planning or what’s to plan a trip on one or more of these rivers let me know.